one man's journey into the salted and marbled world of keep-to-eat meats

Last week, I was contacted by Jessica, a representative for San Francisco’s Columbus Foods. She wanted me to sample a limited edition run of seasonal cacciatore available in truffle and porcini flavor. As you can see, I enthusiastically accepted.

If you dig bold, the truffle will grab you by the buds (you can see the beautiful black specs in the slicing). The porcini is a little more tame, though still tasty as are most of the Columbus line, including an off-the-charts sopressata. On both, you’ll find an almost perfect distribution of fat to meat. Let’s go with a 9 out of 10 on the fatty-meat index. However, those who do pick up this limited edition duo will want some quality cutlery. These are tough little bastards, but once you’re in, they’ll reward you for risking elbow damage trying to get to the goods. In the end, be it Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or even Arbor Day, there’s a good chance you’ll cement a friendship by giving this charcute.

If you happen to be a manufacturer of fine salame, please take note that I am a charcuterie whore. I have no qualms about taking gifts, especially if the marbling of said gift is on point. In other words, Jessica, you rule.

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